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Chiropractic Corrective Care vs. Symptomatic Relief Care

The difference between Corrective Care and Symptomatic Relief Care is the difference between optimal health and just feeling good for a short period of time.

Although chiropractic is effective in providing patch-up or pain relief treatment (Symptomatic Relief Care), we have found that correcting the spine offers long term benefits and positively impacts the how the rest of the body functions. This is why our office specializes in Chiropractic Corrective Care.

Thanks to technological advances and new understandings of the nervous system, we are now able to correct the spine, rather than just provide Symptomatic Relief Care. We are also able to document these changes with technological advances beyond using only x-ray.

These changes to the spine are achieved through a series of specialized gentle adjustments. If we are able to accept your case, a care plan will be recommended based on the pre-existing levels of degeneration in your spine, your age, levels of activity, and your response to an adjustment. Not every spine is correctable, so we always start with a checkup to evaluate your potential for success in our office.

When a person seeks chiropractic care and when their chiropractor accepts them for care, it is essential that they are both working toward the same goal. Traditionally, the focus of health care is centered around a person’s symptoms and the treatment or relief of their symptoms.

This is the entire basis for Symptomatic Relief Care. Today, chiropractic care is very well known for its ability to provide relief care and is often referred to as miraculous in its ability to provide relief when all other forms of health care have failed.

However, although many chiropractors specialize in, and are extremely successful with providing relief care, this type of care does not address the underlying imbalance within the nervous system causing spinal misalignment. Thus, true correction of the spine is rarely achieved and maintained for a lifetime.

The goal of Corrective Chiropractic is to identify the underlying root-cause of a person health challenge and to correct it, thereby aiding in the restoration of the body.

Vertebral Subluxations

A condition of the spine known as Vertebral Subluxation interferes with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Corrective Chiropractors locate Vertebral Subluxations, thoroughly analyze all of its components, design a specific program of adjustments and exercises to correct Vertebral Subluxations. Most importantly, Corrective Chiropractors help you and your family to maintain a healthy spine into the future and learn how to achieve a state of optimal health.

To further expedite and support the process of healing, and to maintain improved health and wellness, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following therapies: Whole Body Vibration, Nutritional Detoxification, Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification &/or Vitamin B Injections. These are potential options that you can learn more about under our “Treatments” tab.

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